Regional Cup Draw 2014/15
Supported by Sports Council for Glasgow

The draw for the Regional Cup has now been made click continue for more details

Regional Cup Contacts (Updated Nov 14)
List of contacts

To access the contacts list you will need a user login and a password.

Remember you must use the new teamlines featuring the Sports Council for Glasgow Logo otherwise a £10 Fine will be applied

Remember referee fee is halved between Teams @£18 per Team

If your details are incorrect then contact SYFA at Hampden to update details and also contact your opponent

Regional Result Notifications
Contact Tommy Kelly

All results must be notified to Regional Secretary Tommy Kelly on  0141 573 4305 or emailed to telldesginandprint@gmail.com

S1 Shin Pads
Promotional Offer

The Region have teamed up with S1 Shinpads to offer fantastic online deals for players in this Region, click the banner below and enter syfa (all lower case) as a promotional code to recieve a discount